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Publication ref: E2/7-2021/P1
under the framework of
the project “Extending the Framework of the THB Response in Serbia 
Ref no. GR-073381 
Questions and Answers

Q1: As ToR do not specify the exact research aim and purpose, we would like to know if there are any particularly important research questions your organization wants the researcher(s) to focus on? That is, what is the expected outcome of this research (e.g., to identify factors associated with human trafficking in Serbia, provide recommendations concerning trafficking prevention, or else)? Some guidelines concerning the aim or the expected outcome(s) would be appreciated, as without knowing these, only a very general research proposal can be submitted.

A1: Please refer to the Description of assignment section of ToR, more specific section 3.2. Expected outputs.

Q2: ToR specify that the research is intended to include several very different methods (e.g., focus groups, individual interviews, social experiment, public opinion pool, etc.). Thus, my question is – should the project proposal necessarily include all or more than one of these methods? Also, how elaborated the methodology should be?

A2: All of these methods should be included. Also, you can suggest other methods as well.  As for the level of elaboration of the methodology, as stated in the Invitation to tender; offer should include short description of methodology you are proposing, key staff engaged and timing and duration of the tasks.

Q3: If the overall research is intended to include several different methods, that implies that several small-scale studies should be conducted. In case that several different methods are required, should all of these studies aim to answer one common question or they can be independent (at least to a certain extent), providing answers to several different questions? E.g., should all of them address the prevention of human trafficking or one can deal with prevention, while the other addresses identification of victims of trafficking and factors contributing to trafficking?

A3: Please refer to the Description of assignment section of ToR, more specific section 3.2. Expected outputs. All different methods should contribute to the overall research. Specific goals and questions to be answered by individual methods should be agreed and elaborated in the detail methodology development phase.

Q4: What kind of materials would be provided to the consultant(s)? That is, would ASTRA provide some contact lists, publications, or datasets that could be relied on to design research? Moreover, is there a chance for a consultant(s) to obtain anonymized information about the trafficking process (e.g., about how the victims had been trafficked or identified)? For instance, if we were to experiment on labor trafficking, it might be useful to know how the job offers looked like in actual cases.

A4: ASTRA has extensive database of selected researches, analysis, brochures, publications, campaigns, reports, shadow report, case studies, contact lists, etc. that will be at disposal to the researcher.

Q5: ToR specify that one of the methods could/should be a focus group with experts. Who would be the experts in this case? Should the

consultant(s) rely on experts to help in formulating the research questions, or the experts are intended to be the actual research participants?

A5: Actors and experts from the Serbia anti-trafficking area are coming from many different institutions and organizations. ASTRA will provide assistance to the researcher in identification of the most appropriate participants. For the guidance on the research questions, please refer to the Description of assignment section of ToR, more specific section 3.2. Expected outputs.

Q6: Lastly, two questions concerning technical details are:

  – How detailed the budget plan should be, having in mind that the final scope of the project will be determined collaboratively (by ASTRA and the consultant) after starting the contract?

  – If the research is done by a team of researchers and not a single consultant, we assume that ASTRA will still sign a single contract with the team leader. Please, let us know if this is the case.

A6: – It would be the most appropriate if the lump sum could be specified for each budget category. Budgeted amount supposed to present gross amount (net + tax and contribution) with no difference if the contractor is a legal entity, association or consultant.

– If there is a team of experts who applies for the research, it could define whether they are registered as an association. In that case, Astra is signing a contract with the legal representative of the Association, who will organise a team to be engaged in this scope of the project. If there is no legal entity in front of the team of research experts, the team leader would be the one who will sign the contract and will be responsible for all aspects of the contracts for the Contractor side. In both solutions, resumes of all research team members supposed to be included to offer supporting documentation.

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