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Evropski parlament usvojio Uredbu za sprečavanje uvoza i trgovinu robom koja je napravljena prinudnim radom

Evropska unija uvodi dalekosežni Uredbu za sprečavanje uvoza i trgovinu robom koja je napravljena prinudnim radom. Konačno usvajanje u Parlamentu označava istorijski trenutak jer EU zauzima jasan stav protiv prinudnog rada i uvoza proizvoda nastalih prinudnim radom.
Saopštenje Anti-Slavery International prenosimo u celosti: 
The EU agrees to introduce a far-reaching law to prevent the import and trade of goods made with forced labour. The Parliament’s final adoption marks a historic moment as the EU takes a stand against forced labour and finally sets the law in motion. The decision anti-slavery allies have been waiting for was made today, as EU lawmakers voted in favour of the Forced Labour Regulation, a broad law to eradicate forced labour from supply chains across the EU. The vote marks the final stage before the law is translated and is anticipated to come into force in two years’ time. While the law is missing key provisions that would have heightened its effectiveness, it could have a positive impact on workers and prevent perpetrators from profiting from human rights abuses. It could also offer consumers the assurance of ethically sourced products. For the Forced Labour Regulation to have the greatest impact, victims of forced labour must be able to access remedy for harm. We will continue to work closely with the EU and civil society as this law comes into effect, to make sure that workers’ rights are respected and that frameworks for accessing remedy are established. This is an important milestone towards eradicating forced labour worldwide, setting a precedent for other nations, including the UK, to follow suit.   The law is designed to go hand in hand with the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (#CSDDD), which is due to be voted on in Parliament later this week.   Together, these laws will send a powerful message to workers worldwide that the EU will not stand for forced labour.


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