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Human traffickers arrested

22.11.2007, Source: “ALO!” Daily news Two unknown persons suspected for human trafficking were arrested yesterday …

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Searching for mother and son

05.11.2007, Surce: Blic NEGOTIN – Branislava S. (40) and her son Danijel (17), who have …

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Faster, Higher, Stronger: Preventing Human Trafficking at the 2010 Olympics – Vancouver, Canada

01.11.2007, Surce: WUNRN Report Finds Human Trafficking Risk at 2010 Olympics Website Link VANCOUVER – …

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Chad: Europeans and child trafficking?

29.10.2007, Source: B92 Paris — Seventeen Europeans arrested in Chad waiting for indictment regarding alleged …

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Jocic: Certain number of girls ends in Kosmet

18.10.2007. Source: Srna Ministry of Internal of the Republic of Serbia Dragan Jocic said that …

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Children slaves in India sew clothes for GAP

29.10.2007, Source: 24sata POVERTY — Children, some as young as ten, work in clothing industry …

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Launched a campaign for legislative change of physical punishment of children

03.10.2007, Source: Danas One slap is also violence against children Belgrade – Campaign for legislative …

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Mladen Dalmacija trial

25.09.2007. The main hearing in the indictment against Zdravko Lakovic and Mladen Dalmacija, scheduled for …

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New Kevin Kline’s film on human trafficking

20.09.2007, Source: BETA Kevin Kline’s new film on the epidemic trafficking of human beings, with …

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