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Work with Youth

A special element of ASTRA’s preventive and educational activities is related to working with young people. Practice has shown that a significant share of victims of trafficking is the younger population, and therefore working with them is of particular importance.
The goal of all ASTRA’s preventive activities is to inform young people about the problem of human trafficking, to draw their attention to all its dangers, but also to point out the possibilities of prevention and ways of protection available to them. That is why ASTRA is present at all events that attract the attention of young people, such as music festivals, Fashion Week, concerts…
In addition, ASTRA provides assistance to young people in writing essays and diploma theses, master’s and doctoral theses in the field of human trafficking. Since 2004, ASTRA has assisted in over 150 such works. High school, university and doctoral students can get information on all aspects of human trafficking, as well as get help in finding adequate literature. In addition, students have the opportunity to spend some time on internships in ASTRA.

PEER EDUCATION represents a special segment of work with youth.

Training for peer educators lasts 2 days. Participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of trafficking in human beings, to hear the experiences of ASTRA’s Victim Support Team and gain insight into preventive information on how to get protected against human trafficking. The second part of the training is dedicated to the concept of the educational workshop, and its design and implementation. The participants can practice running workshops along with older, experienced educators.
After attending the training, the most active participants can be interns at ASTRA, after which they get prepared to hold peer workshops in schools, individually or in pairs.
The peer workshops held by our Team are intended for children and young people of secondary school age, and more than 10 high schools and secondary vocational schools from Belgrade are our associates and we are their guests every school year. Their students gain basic knowledge about the problem of human trafficking, as well as relevant preventive advice.
If you wish to become part of this team, it is necessary to undergo a training, and for more information you can contact us at astra@astra.rs. If you wish that ASTRA’s team of peer educators hold a workshop at your school, you can also contact us via this email.
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