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Useful Contacts


Anti-trafficking action

For information on precautionary measures when going abroad, info on licensed employment agencies, contacts of organizations and institutions in the destination country, legal analysis of the contract before signing it with the employer, you can call ASTRA.

Tel: 011/785-0000

Free of charge line (for calls from the territory of Serbia): 0800 101 201

eMail: sos@astra.rs

For more information about ASTRA visit us at www.astra.rs.


Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights

For legal assistance, if your human rights are endangered via the number 011/33-444-25, as well as 0700 400 700 , you can get the necessary information and advice from a lawyer. You can send a detailed case description to the e-mail office@yucom.org.rs by filling out the legal aid form.


Website on workers' rights

If your labor rights are endangered, you have won or lost a labor dispute, or you have evidence that a specific job vacancy is rigged or offensive; if you want to point out irregularities in the work of trade unions or state institutions dealing with the position of workers – write us via e-mail: redakcija@radnik.rs.

Market Inspection

Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications

At the link/ you can find all the Departments of the market inspection and their contacts. The Market Inspectorate controls illegal employment services offered by unregistered individuals. Employment over the Internet and advertising jobs in Serbia and abroad falls under the competence of the market inspection.


Contacts of a specialized institution dealing with labor law, i.e., peaceful resolution of individual and collective labor disputes: tel: 011/3131-416, mejl: kabinet@ramrrs.gov.rs, veb: www.ramrrs.gov.rs . In addition, the agency’s service is SOS mobbing 0800 300 601, a free call from the fixed national network, through which you can find out what mobbing is, how to protect yourself from harassment at work, how to apply for mediation, etc.

Migration Service Center

National Employment Service

By contacting the Migration Service Center, you can find useful information regarding employment opportunities and legal migrations. Their network contacts are available via the link.

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