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Project SPOT ON! – Responsibility of the state for processing human trafficking

ASTRA is the lead organization in the regional project SPOT ON, with partners La Strada …

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Protecting Our Future: International Missing Children’s Day in Europe

May 25 was first observed as International Missing Children’s Day (IMCD) in 2001, through the …

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Training “Providing Legal Aid and Protection to Victims of Human Trafficking” for Lawyers: You Are Facing a Human Being, Not an Object

Marija Andelkovic, Director of the Anti Trafficking Action – ASTRA, was one of the lecturers …

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Implementation of the project “THE EU HELP LINES for children 116000, THE RISKS TO AVOID AND THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS”

In cooperation with the Finnish organization Lasten perusoikeudet – Children’s Fundamental Rights and with the …

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International Women’s Day 2024 – Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress by  empowering against abuse and exploitation 

“Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress”, is this year’s UN slogan of International Women’s Day. Today,  …

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Round Table “Strengthening Action Against Human Trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina”: Human trafficking in Europe continues to rise

On February 28th in Sarajevo, a round table was held under the organization of the …

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ASTRA participated in the meeting of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime: Illicit economy in Southeastern Europe

During the past week, a two-day meeting of the regional network organized by the Global …

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ASTRA and Group 484 supported the Statement on the Revision of the EU Victims’ Rights Directive

Urgent call to EU negotiators to strengthen rights of all victims of crime regardless of …

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Youth in two-day peer instruction: ‘Prevention and protection against human and child trafficking’

A two-day peer instruction: “Prevention and protection against human and child trafficking” was held in …

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