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Policemen Trafficked in Women

8 July 2009 | 12:56 | Source: Tanjug

Athens – The Greek authorities arrested four police officers for trafficking in women from Eastern Europe, who were forced into prostitution, the police reports.

“This is the biggest human trafficking case in last 15 years”, one police official said, stressing that one retired police officer was arrested too, who was involved in recruiting women.

The arrested police officers are responsible for bringing around 300 women to several night clubs in Athens in the last couple of months, a police official who wanted to remain anonymous said.

The US State Department, in the Report released last month, stressed that Greece should do more in the area of prosecution of the perpetrators, who are, according to this Report, often government officials and police officers.

Greece is the destination and transit country for trafficking in women and children from Eastern European countries and Nigeria.

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