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Arrested for Human Trafficking

10 April 2009. | 00:38 | Source: Beta

Podgorica – The Montenegrin Police said that they arrested two persons from Rožaje under suspicion of trafficking in human beings.

The police accuse brothers S.K. (27) and S.K. (29), the owners of the restaurant “Amaro” from Rožaje, of “forcing into sexual services” two waitresses from Serbia.

It is said that the accused residents of Rožaje were constraining the freedom of movement to M.D. from Belgrade and J.J. from Kruševac, abusing them and physically attacking them and that they were forced to receive clients in their room in the restaurant “Amaro”.

The police announced the filing of a criminal report against M.D., former owner of the restaurant “Skadarlija” in Rožaje, because he is suspected of forcing waitress M.D. into prostitution in the summer of 2003.

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