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Judgment to the Accused for Human Trafficking Confirmed

Beta, 11 August 2009 14:17:34

BELGRADE – The Supreme Court of Serbia has confirmed the judgment of the Sombor District Court by which the group of 12 persons accused for human trafficking was sentenced, while three persons accused of the abuse of office were punished with suspended sentences.

The Supreme Court of Serbia has rejected as unfounded the appeals made by the Sombor District Prosecutor and by the defense counsel of the accused Hasiba Ružić, Hasib Šećović, Milena Srića, Idriz Feković, Nura Baltić, Faruk Džaltur, Elvis Džaltur, Slobodan Burgovoć, Ildika Kelić, Destan Šabanaj, Senad Palamar and Vukojica Novčić.

In the reasoning of the Supreme Court’s decision, it is said that the first-instance judgment has been confirmed since the Court has established that there are no relevant breaches of the provisions of the criminal procedures which were referred to in the appeals, that the state of the affairs was rightly established, the Criminal Code has not been violated, while the punishments are well determined.

Before the Sombor District Court, Hasiba Ružić was sentenced to the imprisonment of eight years, Hasib Šećović to four years and 10 months, Milena Srića and Faruk Džaltur to 3.5 years, Idriz Feković to three years, Nuro Baltić, Elvis Džaltur and Slobodan Burgović to 2.5 years and Ildiko Kelić to one year in prison.

By the same judgment, Destan Šabanaj, Senad Palamar and Vukojica Novčić were convicted of the abuse of office and punished with suspended sentence of one year in prison.

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