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A Group of Human Traffickers Discovered

18 September 2009 Source: Beta

Skopje – The Macedonian Police reported that they discovered and broke an international group involved in human trafficking, which was organized by a Nigerian national.

The group was discovered after the arrest of a 34-year old Nigerian man O.B.I., who will be charged with illegal transfer of migrants, it is said in the communication of the Macedonian Interior Ministry. According to the communication, the two citizens of Nigeria who traveled with him were expelled to Turkey.

Three Nigerian nationals arrived to Skopje from Lagos with falsified documents. The police say that they intended to go to Greece and then to other EU countries.

In the late 2005, Macedonia got candidate status for EU membership and accession negotiations are expected to start by the end of this year.

Among the obligations which one ststa must fulfil for membership in the Union is the fight against illegal migrations.

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