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Youth in two-day peer instruction: ‘Prevention and protection against human and child trafficking’

A two-day peer instruction: “Prevention and protection against human and child trafficking” was held in Belgrade, that brought together 23 young people, high school students and college students, throughout Serbia. Topic of the training was the education of young people about this phenomena, and the ultimate goal is the selection and further specialization of six educators who will then carry on 15 informative workshops for their peers.

On the first day of the training, in an interactive way through the games “Social Barometer” and “Born Equal”, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the concept and dominant trends in the field of combating human trafficking. Some of the most common prejudices were discussed, and furthermore, real facts regarding human trafficking problem were introduced. The topic of safe use of the Internet was addressed by guests from the National Contact Center for Children’s Safety on the Internet at the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications and lecturers discussed the risks in the digital space as well as ways of prevention with the participants.


On the second day, participants got to know the work and programs of ASTRA in more detail and heard about the experience from previous peer instruction. The two-day work was rounded by the group work of participants and a simulation of the performance of the workshop so that all participants could try themselves in the role of peer educators.

In the following period, the acquired knowledge will be practiced with the support and supervision of ASTRA representatives, a Implementation of the 15th educational workshops is until June 2024.

The project “Peer Support in Schools: Active Against Human Trafficking” is supported by the U.S. Embassy through the Small Grants Program.

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