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WORKSHOPS for strengthening capacities of victims of THB and other vulnerable individuals

During the “PROTECT AND SUPPORT – Strengthening reintegration process of (potential) trafficking victims and other vulnerable groups and individuals” project, eight specialized workshops were organized in five cities in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations and institutions. The project is implemented as part of the Global Program of German Development Cooperation “Migration for Development” (PME), which is implemented in Serbia by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.

The workshops were attended by 122 participants in total. The majority of participants were young persons, 57.38% (70). The rest of them were full adults, 57 female and 13 male. Two workshops had adults as the target group: one, parents of children who make up the Council of Parents, and the other, professionals from the field of social and health care and the National Employment Service.

Theme Organization/Institution Place Date
Digital security as prevention of labour exploitation ADRA Belgrade 29.11.2022.
Human trafficking, prevention and work with persons who have survived a traumatic experience Faculty of Political Science Belgrade 28.02.2023.
PREVENTION AND SUPPORT – Early recognition of risk factors of human trafficking and protection of children by parents Council of Parents


Belgrade 14.03.2023.
The experience of violence as a risk factor for human trafficking FREEDOM HAS NO PRICE Novi Sad 16.03.2023.
Prevention of early marriages to reduce the risk of human trafficking TERNIPE Pirot 25.03.2023.
Prevention of human trafficking – raising awareness of the problem and recognizing risks for better prevention. Centre for Girls Niš 07.04.2023.
Information is the best prevention – Protect yourself from human trafficking Center STAR Belgrade 20.05.2023.
Improving and improving knowledge about human trafficking for effective intervention Center for the Development of local social protection services, Vranje Vranje 15.06.2023.

The workshops focused on safe job finding, practising the right to material benefits and improving knowledge about human trafficking for effective prevention. The “Safe at Work” mobile application was presented to all participants with all the information they could get after installing and using the app. At two workshops, attention was paid to creating a security plan, and at one, writing a work biography and tips for the first job interview.

DIMAK’s (German Information Center for Migration, Vocational Education and Career) informational materials were distributed to all participants. Also, ASTRA’s brochure on services for THB (potential) victims. Leaflets for returnees and representatives of organizations and institutions created within the same project were also shared.

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