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Within the project “Improvement of space and opportunities for combating human trafficking”, with the support of the European Union, in the period September 2020-January 2021, ASTRA implemented a campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the problem of human trafficking, its most common forms and representation: DON’T LOOK AWAY! − Trafficking in human beings is not a parallel existence, it is a harsh reality.

The aim of the campaign has been to point out to one of the biggest illusions related to human trafficking – that it happens to someone else and somewhere else, as well as to increase general awareness of the most common forms of human trafficking in our country.

The creative process of the campaign lasted a couple of months and included defining the visual and narrative identity and messages of the campaign, creating visuals, TV spots and short videos for networks, billboards and promotional material for social media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Campaign results:

During the campaign, ASTRA had a total of 87 media announcements about the campaign and related topics. Campaign information and related news were mostly published in media with national coverage, but there were also announcements on local television and in the press. Only the morning programs where we had guest appearances on the occasion of the campaign had an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

ASTRA’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles were used to promote the campaign. The total reach of the Facebook campaign was over 310,000 people, exactly 317,581, of which 21,197 engagements. Six thousand six hundred forty-seven (6,747) people watched the first post or the campaign’s promotional video. During the campaign, 39,688 impressions were recorded on Twitter, and Instagram posts reached 22,200 people. In that period, about 80% of the posts on these two media were related to this campaign.

Local NGOs were also involved in the campaign and supported the campaign by posting on their social media. AT network members supported the campaign by sharing campaign information materials on their social media networks. In addition to the members of the AT network, the campaign was supported by six organizations who received sub-grants and got involved in the implementation of the project “Improvement of space and opportunities for combating human trafficking”.

During the campaign, billboards with campaign visuals were set up twice within two weeks in five cities in Serbia (Belgrade, Niš, Čačak, Kragujevac and Novi Sad). Billboard locations were carefully selected to ensure good visibility.

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