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SOLIDAR AND UNITED against COVID-19 and trafficking in human beings

To lessen the vulnerability of (potential) victims of human trafficking and other risk groups during the Covid-19 virus pandemic, to train them for the immediate protection against the virus, but also against the dangers of human trafficking, ASTRA created a campaign SOLIDAR AND UNITED against COVID-19 and trafficking in human beings. The campaign was implemented with the support of the German Development Agency GIZ in the period from December 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

For that purpose, two special pages were created on our website, and two informative booklets – one targeted adults who were at special risk of becoming victims of human trafficking, and the other was adapted and adjusted to the needs of children at risk. These booklets together with personal protective equipment were delivered to clients and their families, then to local organizations and networks that provided assistance to vulnerable groups in their communities, homes for children and adults, organizations dealing with children without home or parental care, social work centres, and distributed wherever the adults and children at risk were.


PDFs from the Booklets:

Information materials of the campaign – booklets for children and adults, were distributed to beneficiaries through a network of partner organizations, especially those who were in direct contact with people at risk. 23 organizations from the entire territory of Serbia were involved in the whole process. In that way, 1,000 booklets for adults and 1,000 booklets for children were distributed and packages of protective equipment (gloves, masks and disinfectants).

At the same time, an intensive online campaign was realized on ASTRA’s social networks. In these two months, a total of 57 posts referred to the “Solidary and United” campaign. On Facebook alone, the campaign reached almost 79,000 people (exactly 78,924) and had almost 214,000 impressions (213,866). On Twitter, 9,657 impressions were recorded, and on Instagram, it reached 16,300 people.

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