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Youngsters Under Threat of Human Trafficking

26 February 2009 | 00:38 | Source: B92

Bor – The police in Bor still investigates the case of forcing one minor girl into prostitution, as it is suspected that the girl might have ended up in the human trafficking chain

The inspectors of the Bor Police Department have arrested 32-year old Slobodan D. from Bačka Palanka under suspicion of acting as an intermediary in the prostitution of a minor girl M.D., but this investigation has not been finished yet. Minor M.D. has been exchanging text messages with an unknown man, who presented himself to be a famous musician.

Last week, she decided to meet him in person, and the suspected Slobodan D. from Bačka Palanka was supposed to help her.

On Wednesday, 18th of February, they went to Belgrade by car, and ended up in Bor, in the apartment of Slobodan D.’s friend. “This man wrote to me on a piece of paper: ‘Do you sell your body for one thousand dinars?””, says the victim.

“When I read this, I completely lost it, I asked what it was all about, what was going on, and than he explained me the whole situation, what Slobodan’s intentions with me are”, she says.

“From his apartment, and together with his wife, we went straight to the police and reported the case”, says the victim.

The inspectors of the Bor Police Department arrested Slobodan D. on the same night under suspicion of acting as an intermediary in prostitution, while the minor girl was placed in the Safe House in Zaječar.

“This was primary because there were reason to believe that this person could be the victim of human trafficking, and because we wanted to have direct insight into real psycho-physical condition of this girl”, says Vladimir Lakićević, chief of the Department for Human Trafficking in the Bor police.

Slobodan D. has been handed over to the investigating judge of the Bor District Court, who ordered 30-day custody. The police continue the investigation of all circumstances related to this case.

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