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“When you hear the word ‘sex work’, do you know what is about?”

The AT Network organized round table “When you hear the word ‘sex work’, do you know what is about?” in Niš on May 3. Representatives of the police, social welfare centre, the Basic Court in Niš, the Higher Prosecutor’s Office in Niš, health institutions, members of parliament and representatives of local attended the event. Speakers in the round table were Rada Vasiljković from the Equal Rights, Ivana Radović from ASTRA and Mladen Jovanović, activist and civil society development adviser. They stressed the difference between human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and sex work and presented different models of regulation of sex work in Europe and in Serbia. They also drew attention to the poor state of rights of sex workers in our country, who are often exposed to violence, discrimination and disrespect of theirs fundamental rights, especially the right to security and health care. On this occasion, the results of a research on the legal position and legal perception of sex workers and sex work in Serbia, which ASTRA, JAZAS and the Equal Rights published in 2014 with the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Serbia. Research results are available here.

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