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We celebrated 16 years of work

In December, ASTRA celebrated 16 years of work in the field of combating and preventing human trafficking. Many people joked about “sweet sixteen”, and we can say that there have been both sweet and tough years behind us. Of course, these were years of enormous effort, commitment, assistance and support, solidarity, ups and downs, breaking the ice in many spheres, constant learning, achieved goals.

We organized a party for people we love in order to thank donors, volunteers, educators, associates, friends, partners. We used this opportunity to give special awards for work and dedication in the fight against human trafficking and cooperation and support to ASTRA to the Autonomous Women’s Center, judge Biljana Sinanovic, prosecutor Slobodan Joksimovic, Serbian Anti Trafficking Coordinator Mitar Đurašković, lawyer Dejana Spasojevic Ivancic and independent consultant Madis Vainomaa.

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