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Vranje: Two Persons Arrested for Human Trafficking

Tanjug | 25 November 2010

Police officers of the Vranje Police Department arrested and brought to the Investigating Judge of the Higher Court in this town spouses Dalibor M. (36) from the village of Lukocrevo, Novi Pazar municipality with unregistered residence in Vranje and Olivera P. (34) from Vranje. Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia has reported today that they are suspected to have committed human trafficking.

The spouses are suspected that since June they were abusing trust and misled a minor girl from Vladicin Han, whom they exposed to labor and sexual  exploitation in their diner “Česma” in Preševo.

Dalibor M. physically abused and restricted the movement of the minor girl who worked as a waitress at that diner.

The Investigating Judge of the Higher Court in Vranje ordered detention of up to one month to the spouses, it is said in the communication.

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