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Two-day-long meeting of local teams for combating human trafficking

On 30 – 31 October, a two-day-long meeting of local teams for combating human trafficking was held, as part of the project “From Danger to Safety: Improvement of Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection in Serbia”, implemented by colleagues from International Rescue Committee from Athens with the support of the USA Government. On the first meeting day, the current trends, activities and initiatives of combating and prevention of human trafficking were presented, as well as the current situation on the field. Additionally, the participants had an opportunity to hear more on the activities from the Action plan on implementation of the Strategy for prevention and combating human trafficking, especially trafficking in women and children, and the protection of victims for the next two years 2019 – 2020. In the second part of the meeting, the panellists from local non-governmental organizations, together with Helga Conrad, the director of the Regional initiative for combating and prevention of trafficking from Austria, discussed on the future perspectives of work of the teams for combating trafficking and on good practices of the other countries.

On the second day, the emphasis was on work in smaller groups, as to harmonize, as efficiently as possible,  the  text  of a joint document – Action plan for 2019-2020, with a special focus on the plan and method of communication among stakeholders, work principles and goals, and values of work in implementation of activities according to the plan.

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