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The roundtables about the problem of human trafficking in 7 towns in Serbia

During March and April ASTRA’s representatives, together with the AT Network activists participated in 25 across Serbia (Niš, Dimitrovgrad, Vlasotince, Vršac, Zrenjanin, Vranje and Užice). The aim of the roundtables was to establish and straighten inter-sectoral cooperation in local society in which organizations from the AT Network work. In conversation with a large number of representatives of the institutions, it has been established that cooperation between police, social welfare centers, public prosecutor’s offices, courts and other organizations dealing with similar topics already exist in all towns, but such cooperation should be improved and formalized. Therefore, the next step of the AT Network will be to create local teams composed of the representatives of all anti-trafficking actors and to sign the Memorandum of cooperation within these teams. The activities of the AT Network are carried out with the support of the OAK Foundation and Trag Foundation.

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