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The judgment of the Court of Appeal in Niš

The Court of Appeal in Niš altered judgment the Higher Court in Vranje brought on 23rd April 2013, and increased sentences to the accused N.J. and J.M. for the crime act of rape (Article 178 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia). The Court dismissed the request of the Higher Prosecutors office in Vranje, that suggested that N.J. should be found guilty of committing the crime of human trafficking.
In his appeal, supported by the Appellate Prosecution in Niš, higher public prosecutor from Vranje asked for increased prison sentences for the crime of rape, and conviction of the accused N.J. for the crime of attempted human trafficking. The Court of Appeal decided that this appeal was only partially founded. Thusly, N.J. is now facing 7 instead of 4 years imprisonment, whereas J.M. is going to spend 6 instead of 3 years incarcerated.
Even though the Court dismissed part of the accusation pertaining to trafficking in human beings, ASTRA compliments the Court’s decision to adjudicate higher sentences to the perpetrators, bearing in mind that their victim was a minor at the time and suffered severe consequences including long lasting trauma, psychological and physical health problems, and fear for her life and security.
Having recognized the injured party as a human trafficking victim in 2005, ASTRA is providing legal, psychological and medical assistance, and other means of help necessary for her recovery and social reintegration.

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