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The Girl Was Drugged and Sexually Exploited

Ana Lalić | 23. 10. 2010. – 00:02h | Photo: M. Perić

Novi Sad – Novi Sad residents Riza R. (20), Ibrahim R. (18), Danijel S. (20) and Igor R. (26) have been arrested under suspicion that they were forcing a 14-year old girl into prostitution, keeping her locked in the house, beating her up and drugging her,

The girl managed to escape from the house in which she was locked and call for help.

The main suspect is Riza R. According to Blic’s unofficial sources, he even had support from the mother of the abused girl. This drama which lasted for more than one month was stopped only when the girl managed to run away and ask for help in a private company, where she hid from her abusers.

The police reported that Riza R. took the girl from Novi Kneževac to Novi Sad, where he forced her to work as a prostitute. The girl lived with the four suspects in a house in the Klisa suburb. According to Blic’s sources, the girl was forced to have sex with men whom the suspects were bringing to the house, while Riza would take all the money earned in such a way. Sometimes he would take the girl to Kaćka petlja (interchange), a well-known place frequented by prostitutes near the highway, where she was also sexually exploited. Riza would stand nearby to make sure that the girl would not run away. After one fight, the girl had run away, but the suspects found her a couple of days later on Kaćka petlja. They returned her to the mentioned house, where they were beating her up, abusing and drugging her for days,.

– The girl said that the abusers were beating her up and that they were injecting her something into her vein, after which she felt strange. Although she was in horrible condition, she managed to escape again and to run to the nearby house, where she asked for help, says the Blic’s source. On Tuesday night, the girl escaped from the house in which she was abused and ran to the gate of a private company nearby. There, she addressed to the worker whom she found there and asked for help. He immediately called the police which soon came and took the girl.

– She was so scared that she was afraid even of the police officer. It took them long to convince her that they came to help her. First she kept silent, she refused to talk. After some time, she relaxed and shared her horrible story, naming the suspects who had kept her in captivity for more than one month, the Blic’s source said.

After the girl told them everything she knew, the police officers notified the Social Welfare Center of the case, which staff immediately took over the girl. At the same time, the police arrested Riza and the rest of the suspects in the house where they exploited the girl, and they were put in detention.

The Blic heard unofficially that the girl told the police officers and people from the Social Welfare Center that she had a mother and a sister in Novi Kneževac. She said that, instead of helping her, they even approved the suspects’ acts. The girl is currently placed in the Safe House in Novi Sad.

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