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Sold for 60000 DM


19.07.2007. Source: Blic
Vienna – Sonja Gačić (19), citizen of Serbia, that Macedonian citizen Selami Iseni from Štip stabbed on Sunday night in Vienna, was sold six years ago by her parents for 60.000 marks to a guy from Serbia, report Austrian medias.
Sonja Gačić gave birth when she was only 15 years old, and to her husband, who she married against her will, she served as a sexual subject that brings money. The unfortunate girl was in escape all her life – from her parents, husband and at the end from her boyfriend Selani, who killed her in Vienna. Her stirring destiny of a young woman sold by her parents at the age of 13, police found searching fro the motive of murder. Sonja went to Germany together with her husband were she gave birth to two children. According to Austrian medias, after the birth of children, the husband forced Sonja to prostitution. From this terrible life Sonja managed to escape and went to her relatives in Vienna. There she tried to begun a hew life, and her children were left over at her torturer as Boden lake.
She spoke about those troubles she had in her short life to a man to whom she applied for a job. She also told him that she has a panic fear from her new boyfriend she met in Vienna.
“I have find out that Selani murdered someone at Balkans”, said Sonja to the owner of the restaurant in Purbach. It was him who gave relevant information for discovering murdered to the police. Sonja left her passport at his place, and so the police found her girl friend who told them everything about the violent friend of the victim.
Vienna investigators couldn’t confirm this statement, as, according to the information from the police, this Macedonian “asylum seeker” was “only” extremely jealous. This Albanian citizen from Štip forbid Sonja any contact with other man, he followed her and controlled her. Girl couldn�t talk to anybody, not even teenagers in the park. It was they, teenagers, who heard a fight between Sonja and her jealous boyfriend, while they were playing football in the park in Artaberpark.
Few minutes later, they found the girl with two stab wounds as she was lying on the ground. Guys called the Ambulance immediately and Sonja was transferred to the hospital. In spite of doctors’ efforts, the girl died. She was identified thanks to her handbag and conspicuous sandals she wore. Selani ran away after the murder, but he came back tomorrow to light a candle for his victim. Murderer there met Sonja’s relatives who spotted him and called the police. Selani Iseni was soon arrested. He committed the crime and said that he did it enraged, without intention to kill her. “Blic” tried to contact Sonja’s family yesterday, father Srba and mother Jana, who live in the village Urovica near Negotin. Locals heard about Sonja’s destiny, but they say they didn�t see her parents recently.
– They are poor. They don’t have anything. They live in the house they watch over and the owner of the house pays them about 100 euros a month. In order to survive they work as day laborers, they dig and pick the fruits. Beside Sonja they have another two children, and the mother is pregnant again. I wonder how they will survive all this – said locals and added Sonja’s funeral will be paid most certainly by her relatives, uncle and aunt who live in Vienna.

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