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Sibenik: A Bosnian woman and Father British Citizen trafficked Woman Citizen of Serbia

Beta- November 15, 2010

Croatian police filed a criminal report against one citizen of B&H and her father, a UK citizen, for trafficking in human beings and holding a 23-year old girl citizen of Serbia in slavery or servitude, said the police of Sibenik and Knin.

They are suspected to have recruited the 23-year old girl in the territory of B&H during this year by offering her a job in Croatia. They paid 2000 Euros to her mother, while the girl was deceived and lured into providing false B&H documents and using them to cross the Croatian border.
Once they arrived in Sibenik, the girl was deprived of the documents and forced to collect waste for hours – an activity which has never been paid to her. She was also forced to do housework in the house she was residing in, the police said.

Police also established a grounded suspicion that the 39-year old woman citizen of B&H with the help of a 31-year old man from Sibenik committed the crime of trafficking in human beings and attempted slavery against her underage daughter.

After two failed attempts to sell her daughter in 2010, the woman made a deal with the suspect man from Sibenik for 20.000 Euros and with the goal of sexual exploitation, stated the police who prevented the realization of that deal.

The suspect from Sibenik and the woman citizen of B&H have been brought before the investigative judge in Sibenik, while the British citizen (55) has been charged in absence.

The girl citizen of Serbia and the underage daughter of the suspected woman have been provided with assistance which is foreseen in the program of the protection of victims of human trafficking.

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