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Seven years old twins missing

Fear and hope of Šain family in Veliki Rit
27.7.2007, Source: Blic
Seven years old brothers Ivica and Nino Šain disappeared from their courtyard in Veliki Rit near Novi Sad. Since last Thursday when they disappeared boys have been seen several times in down town, but in the last three days there are no trace of them.

We are afraid that our children are stolen and brought abroad, where someone forces them to beg, says Milan Šain, grandfather of missing boys.

According to their father, Ivan and Nino were playing in the house on last Thursday, while their stepmother Sandra was sleeping. Somewhere around noon, children took advantage of her inattention, stepped out and then went to the city. Their disappearance was noticed only when their father came back from work.

We were looking for them all over the place, we went to our cousins and neighbors, but no one saw them. After few hours,when we have lost our hope that we will find them, we called the police – says Željko, claiming that on that day, around 16 o’clock he reported the case to the police.

At the day they disappeared, Ivica, who has fair hair and green eyes, wore camouflage T-shirt and shorts. His twin brother Nino, who is of a darker complexion, wore black athlete’s jersey and black shorts.
After they disappeared, family had information from friends that the brothers were seen near Futoška market, near Štrand or the “Arena” cinema downtown. But, by the time father would come at those locations, Nina and Ivica would be gone.

We are afraid because they are children and they are not used to go in the street all-alone. They were not begging or loafing. This is first time ever they went alone to the downtown, says Šain.

Cousins are more and more convinced that the children are stolen.

I am sure that someone found them and kept them to beg for him. We know about a man that steels children in the summer and bring them to Montenegro to beg for him. I am afraid that Nino and Ivica ended with such a man – says children’s grandfather.

Šain family, guided by this information, even tried to get some data on certain M.I. who, as they know, is in begging, and that he has his organized group of beggars who he take to Budva in the summer.

We were looking for him in his shed in Telep, where he used to live, but there they told us that he wasn’t seen for days, just like my grandsons. We informed the police about this man and we have been promised that they will investigate our case – says Šain.

In the Novi Sad police we were told that the boys’ disappearance was reported only yesterday, that the police works intensively on their search, and the Social welfare center was informed as well.

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