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Seven arrested for human trafficking and prostitution

Tanjug, September 15th 2010

Kosovo police arrested seven individuals suspects of committing the crime of human trafficking and identified three victims, police said.

In the last two days, within the police action “Fontana 2010” police arrested a criminal group suspected to be responsible for trafficking in human beings and prostitution.

During this operation six persons have been arrested. Three allegedly committed the crime of trafficking in human beings, while other three persons are suspected of prostitution.

Two victims from Kosovo have been identified. Yesterday in Urosevac, police arrested one woman from Albania on the grounds of alleged crime of human trafficking. Also in Urosevac, police discovered and identified one victim of human trafficking.

Among the arrested there are N.S., H.C., G.A, F.M, A.N, A.M. and L.G, all from Kosovo. The operation of the police is still active and the new arrests are expected to take place.

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