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Serbian Prostitutes for Clubs in Kosovo

PRIŠTINA – In the action of the Kosovo Police, with EULEX support, 19 persons were arrested in the last three days, six of whom are the Albanians suspected of trafficking in human beings, prostitution and facilitating prostitution.

In the action named “Oki”, which was conducted in Prizren, Peć, Uroševac and Gnjilane, the remaining 13 arrested are Serbian prostitutes brought to the clubs all around Kosovo and forced into prostitution by the Albanian pimps in cooperation with criminal gangs from Central Serbia.

According to Blic’s unofficial sources, arrested persons are B. U. (22), D. J. (20), J. A. (20), T. L. (19), M. P. (22), A. R. (23), N. T. (22), A. S. (21), A. M. (22), A. J. (22), S. K. (31), J. Đ. (20) and A. M. (21), with residence in Niš, Leskovac, Vranje and other towns in Central Serbia.

During the day, they used to work as waitresses at cafes in four towns in Kosovo, while from midnight on they were receiving clients, mostly Albanians, on the premises which were an integral part of the café.

Nikola Šević/Momir Ilić

(Source: Blic, 16 August 2011)

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