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Serbia 2014 Progress Report

(trafficking in human beings)

In the field of trafficking in human beings, Serbia remains a country of origin, transit and destination for trafficking in human beings, for all forms of exploitation, in particular sexual and labour exploitation. New awareness-raising campaigns and training sessions for prosecutors were rolled out and should continue. The network of local anti-trafficking teams expanded and is in place in 17 locations. The draft anti-trafficking strategy 2013-2018 and action plan 2014-2015 are still pending adoption and a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and victim-oriented approach remains to be developed in cooperation with NGOs. The Centre for Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking needs to strengthen its capacity to be fully operational. Victims need to be better identified and receive more assistance, support and protection. A shelter for victims of trafficking needs to be made operational. Police capacity to efficiently combat trafficking in human beings needs to be ensured, and enforcement to be improved. Training modules for the police, including the border police, regarding trafficking in human beings need to be enhanced. The position of the National Coordinator should reflect a multi-disciplinary approach to the trafficking in human beings phenomenon.

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