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Seminar for Prosecutors


Seminar „The Role of Prosecutors in Criminal Proceedings related to Trafficking in Human Beings“, organized by the Serbian Public Prosecutor’s Office and NGO ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action, was held on 1st and 2nd of November 2012 in Belgrade. Realization of the seminar was supported by the French Embassy in Belgrade and the Judicial Academy.

The seminar was one of the activities planned within the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and ASTRA in September 2012. Appointed as contacts for THB cases by the Prosecutor Office, representatives from 23 Higher Prosecutor Offices from all over the country attended the seminar.

Through lectures and practical tasks, Serbian prosecutors and deputy prosecutors were provided with an opportunity to learn more about the issue of trafficking in human beings, the process of trafficking and characteristics of the criminal act. Further, topics covered on the seminar include psychological consequences of THB and victims’ psychology, communication between the prosecutor and the victim, prosecutorial investigation in human trafficking cases in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and court practice in France.

The goal was to improve victims’ treatment in court and spread the knowledge about the criminal act of human trafficking and aspects of the act meaningful for prosecutorial work on the case. Further, expectations are that influencing prosecutors, who have very important role in investigation process, will lead to greater efficiency of proceedings related to human trafficking.

The Seminar „The Role of Prosecutors in Criminal Proceedings related to Trafficking in Human Beings“ has been implemented as part of ASTRA’s effort to enhance the capacities of local anti-trafficking actors of various profiles though interactive learning and exchange of experience with colleagues from Serbia and abroad.

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