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Searching for mother and son

05.11.2007, Surce: Blic
NEGOTIN – Branislava S. (40) and her son Danijel (17), who have disappeared in October, and who are suspected to be kidnapped by human traffickers, are still missing.

Police is not giving any details regarding this search for the reasons of their security and District attorney in Negotin, for the same reason, will not give the results of the interrogation of suspects Zivojin M. and Desimir S. Two of them were temporary arrested under suspicion of taking Branislava and her son away by fraud.
According all the details, other smugglers are involved in this kidnapping, and the trail leads to neighboring countries, Bulgaria and Rumania.
Branislava disappeared on October 10. She told to her landlord that she is going to her working place, but she didn’t bring any document with her. The next day, Danijel said to the landlord he is going to meet somebody. His passport was also found in the apartment.
Since then, no one from their relatives has any contact with Branislava, or him.

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