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Šabac: Human Trafficking Investigation

12 November 2009 |Source: B92

Šabac – The Šabac District Court has launched an investigation against three persons suspected of human trafficking and pimping girls.

The suspects were questioned and put in remand for up to 30 days. The investigation continues for suspicion that several persons used sexual services from minor girls. The proceedings have been instituted against V.LJ. (39), J.V. (31) and DJ.M. (44) who are suspected of having committed the offence against two 14-year old girls, primary school pupils.

“The first accused is charged with recruiting, transporting and giving to others minor girls, by abusing their difficult situation, by deception and by use of threats, all of this for the purpose of sexual exploitation, i.e. the exploitation of prostitution of injured minors”, said Slobodan Velisavljević, Judge of the Šabac District Court.

Judge Velisavljević said to B92 that the second accused was finding persons interested in using sexual services and bringing them in contact with the first accused.

“The agreement was that the second accused would get a sexual intercourse with one of the injured persons for free for every five clients he provided. After finding interested persons, the first accused would bring the girls to specific locations and hand them over to the users of sexual services. After the intercourse, the first accused would charge the services from the clients, whereby he kept all money for himself, giving the minor girls only symbolic amounts”, said Velisavljević.

According to the Judge, one of the clients was the third accused DJ.M., who had sex with one of the girls in exchange for agreed amount of money, whereby he was aware that this was a minor victim of human trafficking.

In the request for investigation, it is said that al of these took place since August until November.

The investigation continues based on reasonable doubt that more persons used sexual services form the minors.

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