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Retired Policeman – Main Pimp?

J.I. November 8, 2010

Vojin Abramovic, owner of several motels and restaurants, has been put in custody for organizing prostitution in the town of Smederevo and surroundings.

Vojin Abramovic (60), owner of the company “Velepromet” from Smederevo, was arrested on Monday. He is suspected to have organized prostitution in his hotel “Kraljev dvor” in Smederevo through which he earned around 1.317.000 Euros, and “laundered” the money through acquisition of real estates.

He “laundered” the money through making payments of the alleged loans to the account of his company. With that money he bought a number of business and residential apartments and buildings in Smederevo, as well as 3.180 m2 of the land in the Adriatic coast in Donji Stoliv.

15 STRIPERS DISCOVERED – It is a public secret that it has been possible for several years to buy “sexual services” at the “Kraljev dvor”. Eight years ago, the police found secret chambers and 15 stripers from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine in them. On the same occasion, 1,296 liters of unregistered wine were found in the house of Abranovic’s brother. According to our source from the investigation, he was arrested, but the court released him of all charges. In the meantime, the business moved to the Nina Bar in Mihajlovac, which owner was arrested ten days ago.

This hotel owner was put in the police detention. In the criminal report that has been filed against him, he is suspected of facilitating prostitution, money laundering, the abuse of office and the production and sale of dangerous products. The police say that they are working on identifying accomplices and helpers and that the new arrests are likely to happen.

Abramovic, retired police inspector, built an empire over the last two decades, while the hotel in which he organized prostitution has been included in the official tourist offer of the town of Smederevo. His company d.o.o “Velepromet” owns hotels and restaurants “Kraljev Dvor”, “Akvarijus”, “Marina” and “Mekolans” in Smederevo and a resort in Donji Stoliv at the Adriatic coast.

Abramovic charged staying at the hotel in Montenegro in cash and outside the official account of the company. In this way, he caused the damage to the budget of the Republic of Serbia in the amount of RSD 73.69 million.

The police also suspected Abramovic for illegal production of wine without adequate technological process and control. It has been established after the analysis that the wine is not safe for consumption because of increased concentration of sulfur dioxide. The inspection confiscated 16,350 liters of the beverage that is not for human consumption. Abramovic used to sell these wines at his restaurants.

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