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Public presentation of the Analysis of services and Brochure for persons at risk and victims of human trafficking

Today, July 14, 2021, ASTRA presented to the general expert public their new editions: Analysis of Protection and Support Services for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia and Brochure: Services for Persons at Risk and Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings. The event took place in the morning at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The introductory word at the presentation was given by:

  1. Marija Andjelković, Executive Director, ASTRA – Action against Trafficking,
  2. Mitar Đurašković, National Coordinator, National Anti-trafficking coordination office, MoI,
  3. Darija Kisić Tepavčević, Minister, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs.

The introductory speakers reminded the participants of the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation. They specifically mentioned the results of previous cooperation in acting on individual cases and examples of the joint establishment of systemic solutions, such as defining and applying standard operating procedures or establishing a national rapporteur for trafficking. The current Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, pointed out that this Analysis is, with all examples, also proof of this successful cooperation.

After the introductory speeches, the ASTRA’s Head of  Policy and Learning Jasmina Krunić presented the main finding of the Analysis, methodology, and data collection process. The Analysis and the Brochure (based on the Analysis) outline findings from the research in which more than 300 units provided inputs – institutions and organizations across the government and non-government sectors. The presentation of the results is organized according to the areas/sectors to which the support and protection services for victims of trafficking belong, as follows: Social protection services: in two parts: (a) services of specialized institutions and organizations and (b) services of other social protection providers. i.e. those who do not specialize in providing services to victims of trafficking), rights and services in the field of health care and insurance, rights and services in the field of employment and work, rights and activities in the field of education, rights and services of protection and support in law enforcement, and rights and services of protection and support within the judicial system.

This is the first such comprehensive review of services in Serbia. ASTRA has been pointing out for years now the need to better informing of (potential) victims of trafficking about the rights and services offered to them. Therefore, the opportunity to prepare a detailed overview of services currently available to survivors of trafficking in human beings in the Republic of Serbia was indicated within the project “A space for a place to fight human trafficking” supported by European Union.  Besides the EU, the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue also supported this action through an agreement with the former Office for Cooperation with Civil Society.

Download links:

The Analysis will be available in Serbian in electronic and printed editions. The Brochure for persons at risk and victims of trafficking will be available in Serbian, Romani and Albanian, in electronic and printed editions.


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