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Prostitutes’ Protest in Paris

Beta | 17. 12. 2011.

Hundreds of prostitutes have come out today to the streets of Paris protesting against government’s suggestion to implement law that would introduce punishing of their clients.

“I’m a grown-up, I have all my teeth, and don’t touch my client”, one transsexual shouted out at the beginning of the protest. He said that the politicians in France are using prostitution to build their careers on the account of those practicing it.

“They say that they want to protect us, but they actually want to cancel our source of income”, said that transsexual, while the rest of the participants in the protest were shouting “You sleep with us first and than vote against us”.

According to the Draft Law which the Government has submitted to the French parliament, a penalty for receiving services from prostitutes could put them in  prison for 2 month or make them pay 3.750 euros.

The protest march organized by the Sex Workers’ Union (Stras) and the Association for Fighting AIDS started at the Parisian square Pigalle.

“We will do everything to stop that law from being passed”, said one of the participants; he also said that he had started to do prostitution for financial reasons.

The proposed law is inspired by the law which has been in force in Sweden since 1999, and it could be passed in the spring of next year.



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