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Promoting NGO – media partnerships: REPORTING ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING

This webinar will discuss the role of journalists and other media representatives in raising awareness about human trafficking, reducing vulnerabilities and holding governments, law enforcement and businesses to account. A major focus will be put on the cooperation of NGOs and (investigative) journalists; the expectations of both for such partnerships and recommendations for more efficient partnerships, respecting the independence of journalists. Speakers include Suzanne Hoff, Marija Andjelkovic, Sasa Dragojlo, and Lam Le. 

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We also reflect on challenges NGOs and journalists face related to their cooperation, as well as share best practices. As one of the challenges NGOs face relate to conflation by the media of different legal terms, we will also explain shortly the legal framework on human trafficking.  

Questions to be discussed:

  • Human trafficking (and related crimes): what are the necessary terms a journalist needs to know and consider before investigating/publishing about human trafficking – Suzanne Hoff, La Strada International. 
  • What are the recommendations from NGOs to journalists when reporting these cases? NGO – Journalist cooperation in Serbia – Marija Andjelkovic, ASTRA. 
  • Practical tips for cooperation: how to apply and use this legal framework at the moment of reporting? How to best collaborate with NGOs? What are the do’s and don’ts? – Sasa Dragojlo, Journalist BIRN & Lam Le, Independent Journalist.

This webinar is organised by Journalismfund.eu’s Modern Slavery Unveiled programme and La Strada International

Promoting NGO – media partnerships: reporting about human trafficking features four speakers with experience on this topic:

  • Suzanne Hoff is the International Coordinator of La Strada International.  Suzanne monitors and coordinates La Strada International’s network activities and is responsible for the development of counter trafficking  strategies and policies, advocacy and representation.
  • Marija Andjelkovic is the founder and director of the Serbian NGO, ASTRA-Anti Trafficking Action, which is supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Nvo Astra provides direct assistance to survivors of trafficking and works with the government to advocate for better policies.
  • Sasa Dragojlo is a Serbian journalist. He has also worked for Insajder, the Serbian investigative media portal and a television show in Belgrade. During his journalism career, Sasa has published articles in Serbian and regional media, such as the investigative portal KRIK, weeklies NIN and Vreme, daily Danas, the fact-check portal Istinomer, Vice Serbia, Kosovo 2.0 and others.
  • Lam Le is an investigative journalist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. She goes beyond the headlines to examine long-lasting and overlooked impacts of unjust policies on marginalised groups. She won the ILO’s 2020 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration and Fair Recruitment. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, Rest of World, the Sydney Morning Herald, Mekong Review and others.

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2022



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