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Project “Discourse analysis and unconditional positive regard”

Within the project “Discourse analysis and unconditional positive regard” ASTRA participated at the first partnership meeting in Greece on October 23-27. During five days, project partners – Mental Health Center of Agrinio i ODYSSEUS Centre for the prevention of abuses and the promotion of psycho-social rehabilitation (Greece), Plymouth and District Mind (United Kingdom), SENTPRIMA (Slovenia) and ASTRA – exchanged information about different project activities and created detailed plan for project implementation for the next year.

Further, within the same project, ASTRA’s representatives attended the training in Plymouth (United Kingdom), in the period November 20-24. The training was a platform for exchanging experiences and good practices in different areas for which partner organizations are specialized. ASTRA’s representative spoke about the human trafficking problem and ASTRA’s direct work with victims. Also, they presented the feminist values of ASTRA’s work, as well as the theory frame and therapeutic direction which ASTRA used in direct victim assistance. Participants had an opportunity to discuss with the colleagues from different countries challenges for the professionals who were working with vulnerable groups in society.

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