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Police inspectors arrested in Požarevac

30.07.2007, Source: B92
Požarevac – Internal control of the Ministry of Internal affaires arrested several inspectors from Požarevac police department for bribe, abuse of office and falsifying documents.
Police inspectors from Požarevac Radovan Brkić and Vladimir Tušek are placed under arrest on bribe charges as well as Vladan Milenković. Mirko Vilimonović, police officer from Veliko Gradište, was also arrested, on criminal charges for abuse of office, and former inspector for criminal act of falsifying documents.
“We detained Tušek Vladimir for the reasonable doubt of committing criminal act of accepting a bribe and Festika S. from Kostolac for reasonable doubt of offering a bribe”, says Radovan Živković, head of Požarevac police department.

“The investigative judge sentenced them detention of 30 days. Charges are brought against Mirko Vilimonović, police officer and head of the sector from Veliko Gradište, for the criminal act of abuse of office and against Perica J. from Gradište, for criminal act of human trafficking “, he said.

Živković added that this is only the beginning of the action and that it was prepared for several months: “We started cleaning our forces but this is not the end”, he said.
As B92 finds out, inspector Vladan Milenković, the co-owner of “Medikus” clinic, has offered the bribe to a health inspector Draganu D. in order to cover up illegal activities at the clinic.
The other co-owner of the clinic, doctor Velibor Bojović, was brought to the informative interview at the police, but he was soon released.

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