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Philippine Government banned its citizens from working in Serbia

Philippine Government banned its citizens from working in Serbia

| 02. 11. 2011.  BLIC

The Philippine Government has banned its workers from working in 41 countries, among which is Serbia, for the lack of adequate protection for foreign workers. .


The Philippines, one of the world’s largest labor force exporters, banned their workers from working in, among others, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Cuba, North Korea, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Serbia, stating that those countries do not provide adequate protection of foreign worker’s right.

According to AP, the decision shall come into force 15 days after being published in the papers,. However, this decision does not apply on multinational companies doing business in these countries because, as the Philippine Government says, they provide high standards of protection for their employees.


Rosalinda Baldoz, Philippine Secretary of Labor and Employment has announced that they will continue sending their workers to the other 125 countries , since the Philippine embassies there had checked their laws regarding the protection of migrant workers.

According to the 2009 law, Philippine workers can be sent for work only in the countries which provide legal protection to migrant workers. Nearly 10 percent of a total of 94 million Philippines go to work abroad, many of them to the Near East, according to AP.


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