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OSCE Regional workshop

Jahorina, 07/18/2019. — In the organization of the OSCE, a regional workshop was held on the implementation of the unified guidelines for the identification and referral of victims of trafficking in human beings within the framework for the acceptance of migrants and refugees in OSCE member states. The workshop was attended by representatives of relevant state institutions and NGOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, as well as representatives of international organizations. After presenting the situation in the field of identification of victims among the migrant population in each of the represented countries, the participants worked in groups to discuss the practical application of the guidelines in each respective country. Serbian representatives were the National anti-trafficking coordinator, representative of the Center for the Protection of Victims and NGOs ASTRA.

Publication: Uniform Guidelines for the Identification and Referral of Victims of Human Trafficking within the Migrant and Refugee Reception Framework in the OSCE Region

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