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Orahovac: Three Arrested for Trafficking In People

Tanjug: 15 February 2011

PRISTINA – Kosovo police arrested three persons in Orahovac under a suspicion that they committed the crime of trafficking in people. The police identified an underage girl, victim of human trafficking.

The arrest happened when the police identified three men who were accompanied by a woman who did not have identification documents, said the police.

The police brought into custody and started an initial investigation when a day earlier a family reported that their minor daughter is missing. During the questioning it has been asserted that the minor has been sexually molested.

It has also been asserted that the suspects A. Berisa, E. Bacaj and P. Gasi have been pimping the girls for the amount of 20 to 50 Euros.

The police stated that in consultation with the prosecutor they decided to detain the suspected persons and to accommodate the minor in a safe house.


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