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Nine persons arrested for pimping

19.12.2007, Source: Blic

BANJALUKA – Unit for special investigations of the Crime Department of in the Republic of Serbia arrested nine persons in Derventa yesterday, suspected for organizing prostitution in Derventa, confirmed Head of Crime Department Gojko Vasic.
According to unofficial information, between others, police arrested Slobodan Jamedzija former Head of the Derventa police, owners of Gas station, bakery and pizzeria Mladen and Milivoje Novic (father and son) and owner of the gas station Cedo Markelic.
They are suspected for forcing three minor girls into prostitution by taking them to previously arranged spots. Other five persons were brought up to police to testify.
As we found out, the police action lasted for about three months, and it all begun when parents of these minor girls found out about this incident and alerted the police who investigated this case further on.
Forcing minors into prostitution lasted over half a year, but it remains unknown why the police had no previous information. Ministry of Internals informed BiH Prosecutor’s Office, RS Special Prosecutor’s Office and Doboj District Prosecutor’s Office that there is reasonable doubt that in Derventa several persons forces minors into prostitution. By territorial jurisdiction, Doboj District Prosecutor took over the investigation. He didn’t want to comment on this case yesterday. As the police assumes, the case will be forwarded to BiH Prosecutor’s Office.
The suspected persons will be hand over to Doboj District Prosecutor’s Office that will ask temporary arrest for them.

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