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Naked facts against trafficking

Source: Glas javnosti | 06.06.2008.

BELGRADE – Non-governmental organization ASTRA presented their anti-trafficking campaign “Naked Facts”, in which seven naked men show point out to the existing problem of slavery. In two television spots and on billboards, facts about trafficking are stated by journalists Jugoslav Ćosić, Dejan Anastasijević and Željko Bodrožić, director Milutin Petrović, actors Branislav Lečić and Vukašin Marković, as well as the director of Belgrade philharmonic orchestra   Ivan Tasovac.
Ivana Radović, coordinator in “Astra” said that this is fifth Astra’s anti-trafficking campaign.
– The first two campaigns were supposed to show that human trafficking exists in Serbia. Next two campaigns had the point to show that children are victims of violence, and now we are turning to warning campaign. Our previous experience shows us that number of calls from victims is doubled, she said.
According to her, everyone in Serbia wants better life, which is convenient territory for human traffickers.
– Serbia is not only country of transit, but also country of origin and destination. So far, „Astra“ identified 264 victims, and 40% of them are children – she said.
Nadežda Milenković, creative director of the campaign, said that this is one way not to talk about victims only when there is a scandal.
– The problem is that in our society there are always more important problems than this one and terrible things happens. We made decision to produce spots in which men will take off their clothes. Still they should not be models, whose appearance would not be considered as serious. Instead, we chose men who have professional and individual credibility. I hope that we will manage to send a message – she says.
According to the actor Branislav Lečića, anyone can become victim, so can people you know.
– That is why it is important that other eminent persons involve in the campaign and to try to solve this problem, which is at the same time a political matter – he added.
Ulrike Hartman, secretary of Austrian embassy said that one of the priorities of her country is fight against human trafficking and that is the reason to support Astra’s project.
– Fight against human trafficking has three forms – prevention, victim protection through sheltering and prosecution of modern slaveholders. Austria is not fighting trafficking only in Serbia, but finances nine similar projects in the region. As this problem exists in each country, we have a serious approach. Currently, we are implementing action plan against human trafficking – she said.

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