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Mother, father and son pimps


29.07.2007, Source: Večernje novosti
NOVI SAD – In the coordinated action of the department for combating organized crime and departments of criminal polices of Belgrade and Novi Sad discovered an 8-members group suspected for human trafficking and procurement of girls into prostitution in the capital of Vojvodina during previous weekend.
After being interrogated, judge Nada Kolarski brought the sentence of imprisonment Nikola Nikolić (52), his wife Draginja (49) and their son Spasoje (25), all from Novi Sad, as well as Jasna Nikolić (21) from Tovariševo, Branislav Stojanović (22) and Jovica Gajin (25), both from Futog, and Tihomir Stajić (25), from Bečej.
For the same act is charged Danijela Jovanović (19), from Novi Sad, partner of Branislav Stojanović, who was summoned to District court, but she was not sentenced imprisonment as she is pregnant.
According to available information, in the past seven months the suspected group used fraud and force to keep three minor girls – S. D. (16), T. B. (17) and T. I. (14) in several rented apartments in Novi Sad and forced them into prostitution. Putting ads daily in newspapers provided “clients”. “The job” was mostly done in the rented apartments, and in some cases girls were forced to go to the addresses.
There was a price list, so half an hour with a client cost 30 and an hour 50 euros. Girls – victims most usually didn’t receive any money.

Murderer, then pimp

ONE of main organizers of this prostitution chain, Nikola Nikolić, Roma musician, used to live in Begeč, and he was serving a sentence of seven years for murder. He was released earlier for good behavior.

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