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Minor maids raped

21.01.2008, Source: Blic

Human trafficking cases more frequent in Vranje region

Vranje District attorney’s office submitted a demand for conducting investigation against Ramadan Ajdini (55) from Miratovac near Preševo under suspicion for human trafficking.

In this demand it was stated that Ajdini, with threats and deceive, forced minor and poor L.S. from Preševo to live in his family house in Miratovac from 2005 until the end of January 2007. Spokesman of the Vranje District attorney’s office, Emilija Tončić, said that suspected Ajdini made slavery relations with minor Albanian girl. It is reasonably suspected that Ajdini took the documents from the girl and forbidden her to communicate with others until January 30th 2007, when the girl escaped Miratovac.
According to the Vranje Police department statement, Ajdini forced another minor girl from Municipality of Preševo to work in his house as a maid from 2001 until 2005. It was also said that suspected Ajdini forced this minor maid to sexual intercourse.
After the arrest, Ajdini was brought to the investigative judge of Vranje District Court, who sentenced him temporary arrest of 30 days.
Although there are numerous denounces from Vranje police inspectors against persons suspected for establishing slavery with girls from eastern countries, human trafficking doesn’t let up. In last few years, Vranje is considered as one of main European transit centers for human trafficking.

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