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Memorandum of Cooperation with Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection

Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection and ASTRA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on January 15 and thus formalized future cooperation in dealing with victims of human trafficking. The Memorandum of Cooperation represents the road to a more efficient mechanism of identification, assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking at the national level. The main objective of the Memorandum is to apply in practice the principles, activities and the referral system in order for victims to enjoy their rights and receive full support in the process of reintegration and social inclusion.

Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection is an institution of social protection with a mandate to assess the situation, the needs, the strengths and the risks of human trafficking victims; to identify and provide adequate assistance and support to victims of human trafficking, aiming at their speedy recovery and reintegration.

By signing the Memorandum, the Centre for Human Trafficking Victims’ Protection and ASTRA expressed their readiness to significantly enhance cooperation through future joint activities and additionally build capacities in our country in the field of protecting the rights of human trafficked victims by acting together and referring victims to each other in accordance with the service they provide. Although the Centre has been cooperating with the civil society from the beginning, practical experience has demonstrated a need to precisely define the roles and responsibilities of each actor with a basic aim of improving the rights of human trafficking victims in accordance with international standards.

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