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Make it work for Youth – ‘My WaY’ project

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Make it work for Youth – ‘My WaY’

EIDHR/2016/152409/22 – EuropeAid/152409/DD/ACT/RS

Project Description

Trafficking in youth for the purpose of labour exploitation is a growing and institutionally neglected issue in Serbia. The youth employment crisis pushes thousands of young women and men to migrate to urban areas within Serbia, or seek for new opportunities in foreign countries. Within internal/international migration, young people face serous challenges of being deceived and abused and even exploited.
Most at risk are young ages 18 – 30, from poorer economic background and with fewer skills. Very rarely their cases are reported and the response of the state is inexistent. Serious systemic and regulatory gaps, shortcoming in capacities and unclear jurisdictions of relevant authorities (such as labour and market inspectors and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare) are not allowing acting in preventive manner or in efficient halting and punishments of such criminal and human rights violation practices.

In order to address this problem, and design a program response, ASTRA, with its associates working in identification, service provision and legal representation of victims and on monitoring criminal court proceedings, have consulted 137 young people in risk of labour exploitation and 81 victims. The program is aiming at providing: a) a Government with tools and policies for better prevention and response services; b) young women and men with knowledge to better understand labour needs and rights and human rights.


  • – Three groups of students will conduct, with mentors’ support, a needs assessment, situation analysis and the analysis of regulatory and institutional gaps in the area of youth employment that need to be addressed.
  • – State authorities, CSOs and students will collaborate through joint discussions, round tables, focus sessions and meetings to develop in a participatory manner Interagency Protocol Framework addressing Youth Exploitation
  • – A broad awareness raising campaign will be launched and conducted. Together will IT students, web portal and mobile application on prevention of youth labour exploitation will be designed and upload for free use.

Expected Results

  • – At least 100 policy makers and implementors in Serbia increased their knowledge on practical shortfalls of the system, and they are able to deliver effective, people centered solutions. Both policy makers and young people benefit from the improved, right based policy framework which will set positive preconditions for the better service provision.
  • – Governmental Interagency Protocol Framework on Youth Labour Exploitation is designed. The Framework will propose a joint response in an innovative, youth centered and right based approach to prevent and sanction labour exploitation.
  • – 70 students are trained to be directly involved in practise, thus being able in holding policy makers to the account
  • – 30 000 young people raised their awareness on labour exploitation and 20 000 young people at risk are empowered to protect their labour and human rights.

This project is supported by the European Union

EIDHR – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights


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