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Mafia organizes bloody boy fights

In the countries of ex Yugoslavia, Russian and Serbo-Montenegrin mafia organize bloody fights of 7-12 year old boys, published Bosnian daily ‘Sun’. Allegedly, up to half million Euros in bets circulates during the fight, claims this daily from BiH.

Ten days ago, Serbian Ministry of the Interior found and arrested a group (one of the members is a Bosnian national) which was organizing illegal dog fights throughout the region, which led to discovering of this bloody ‘sport’ as well. The daily claims that Russian and Serbo-Montenegrin mafia groups stand behind this crime, as well as that there is a large amount of money involved.

The fights are followed by betting and organized in all states of ex Yugoslavia. In order to hide tracks and preserve the secrecy- and exclusiveness- fights are organized only once a year in the same state. Those who are not present on the sport are provided to follow the ‘match’ through a webcam live broadcast, so that they can take part in betting during the fights. Bets and payments are done through off-shore companies and their accounts which are difficult to get track of.

The organizers find 7-12 years old boys in different places throughout the region. These are usually children without parents, underage delinquents or those who were sold by their parents. These children are the most wanted ones because mafia members know that nobody will ask of those boys. The daily ‘San’ writes that they look for the boys in homes for children deprived of parental care and take them away. Their health is taken care of by pensioned medical doctors, medicine students or medics deprived of their practice license. The boys are under constant control of the owners and the fights they take part in are brutal and bloody.

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