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LECTURE: Trafficking in women – media hunting for victims and public policies in Serbia

The Course Representation Politics: Gender and Violence, which was created due to cooperation between the Faculty of Media and Communications and BeFem – feminist cultural center, has been held for the second year. The aim of the course is for students to gain knowledge through interactive work and familiarization with key concepts related to violence, media, communication, and gender representation policy in a modern global society. That knowledge will enable them to analyze, critically reflect, compare and evaluate mentioned phenomena, contemporary media content, public policies, cultural and media production from the perspective of gender studies, and a more comprehensive range of social sciences and humanities.

As part of this course, on Thursday, May 5, starting at 3 pm, Marija Andjelković will once again give a lecture on Trafficking in Women – Media Hunting for Victims and Public Policies in Serbia. Students interested in getting to know this issue better will be organized a visit to the premises of the ASTRA organization.

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