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Lecture at the Belgrade Faculty: INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE LAW course

The Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, together with the Institute for Humanitarian Law in San Remo and the UNHCR Office in Belgrade, is organizing a specialist course on International Refugee Law in the summer semester of 2022.

On Thursday, May 5, participants, students of master’s and doctoral studies, will have the opportunity to listen to a lecture on human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants. The lecturers will be Marija Andjelković, CEO of ASTRA, and Miroslava Jelačić, Manager of the Migration Center of Group 484. This session should cover the following topics: Smuggling and trafficking in situations of displacement ● Human Trafficking – definition, legal framework ● Migrant Smuggling – definition, legal framework ● Connections and distinction of terms ● Identification of victims of human trafficking ● Protection of victims of human trafficking.

The course is held online and in English. It covers various topics related to international refugee law, from the relevant international and regional framework, the concept of refugee, rights, and principles of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, vulnerable categories of refugees, durable solutions, etc.

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