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KLA and “Scorpions” together in people smuggling

30.12.2008, Source – Blic

Belgrade – Investigation bodies believe that some of the KLA rebels suspected for crimes against Serbian civilians in Gnjilane and some members of the “Scorpions”charged with crimes against Albanian civilians, were involved in international chain of people smuggling, “Blic” learns.

Certain “KLA” rebels from Preševo took part in smuggling of people over administration border of the Serbian southern province. Such is the case with Selimon Sadiku who is now suspected for crimes against Serbs. At the end of October he was sentenced for people smuggling by a court in Belgrade. He was ruled guilty and sentenced as a member of one international criminal group in which there were Serbs as well, our source says.
That 12-member group was smuggling Turks, Albanians and people from China via Serbian border.
Sadiku was released until confirmation of his verdict.
The arrested “KLA” rebels are now charged with torture and murder of at least 51 and abduction of 159 Serbian civilians in the period from June 12 until October 1999. They are charged with killing, butchering and abduction of Serbian civilians. The crimes were committed in order to make all Serbs leave from that area.
The nine arrested suspects have been ruled a 30-day detention and have been charged with war crimes against civilian population.
In the request for investigation it is said that Ajdari Fazliju Faza (42), Alija Redžepi Redža (46) and Saćiri Saćir Saća (44) ordered the “KLA” members capture, kill, butcher, rob and rape civilians of Serbian nationality in order to make them all leave. All three prime suspects live in Gnjilane while in Serbia they are registered to live in Presevo.
Serbia Interior Minister Ivica Dačic said that the Police carried out the arrest of the so-called “Gnjilane group” as per the law.
“All of the arrests and searches have been recorded. There are material proofs of the crimes committed: dismembered bodies, statements by the witnesses, statements by those who committed the crimes and reports made by the UNMIK”, Dačic said.

“I do not believe that there is anyone who could be against bringing these individuals on trial”, Dačic said.

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